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CounterPulse Residency Update #9

Watch ‘CATENA – sound/image through a hybrid network’ on YouTube:

Due to omicron Dilate Ensemble was thrown into their first hybrid production. This made us reach out for creating an experience that combines the experience in space of Carole Kim (video projections), Shinichi Iova-Koga (dance), Jon Raskin (saxophone, concertina, objects) with the individual nodes of Dilate’s musicians Scott L. Miller (electronics, ecosystemic sound processing), Luisa Muhr (voice, movement), Gloria Damijan (toy piano, percussion, objects) and participants of the CouterPulse Community (dance, performance).

We were taking a high risk in terms of challenging technology and especially regarding the aesthetic outcome. This makes us extremely grateful for all the positive feedback we received for ‘CATENA’ so far. It means a lot for us to know, that we created an audiovisual, multimedia, multiartistic artwork that affects the audience and overcomes the boundaries of a screen.

We want to thank CouterPulse and ThoughtworkArts for inviting us to create this project and we also want to thank Austrian Consulate General L.A. and Austrian Art’s Council for their support.

Enjoy ‘CATENA – sound/image through a hybrid network’ on YouTube:

If you’re interested in getting an insight into our collaboration with CounterPulse Community watch this video of the workshop conducted by Carole Kim and Luisa Muhr

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