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CounterPulse Residency Update #6

In light of the current COVID surge, we need to shift from live performances wirth audience at CouterPulse to live streamed presentations that will include a Dilate Ensemble welcome/introduction, pre-recorded performance snippets, a section featuring live community participation via Zoom*, and a concluding Q&A.

These presentations will still take place on Jan 13 & 14 @ 8pm PST on CounterPulse’s twitch channel

Nevertheless we’re looking forward to producing our first hybrid piece and we want to give you a little inside into our schedule:

From Friday to Sunday we will rehearse and produce high resolution audio/video recordings of networked performances at CounterPulse and the virtual presence of Luisa Muhr, Gloria Damijan and Scott Miller at their home nodes. These will be edited and mixed into the pre-recorded performance excerpts for the livestreams. These session will be followed up by additional rehearsals and recoding sessions on Monday and Tuesday next week. On Wednesday we’ll work with the participants of the CouterPulse community, who will co-create a section of our hybrid live-performances on Jan 13 & 14.

*For the community participation section, Dilate Ensemble is extending an invitation to the CP community to jump into our sandbox of liveness where a Zoom live-feed will merge with the installations we have set up at CounterPulse. Luisa and Carole will guide a workshop for everyone to familiarize themselves with how their body merges with the video projections and develop a simple score that will be performed with Dilate Ensemble Thursday Jan 13 and Friday Jan 14 night.

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