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CounterPulse Residency Update #1

Aktualisiert: 22. Nov. 2021

We're very exited to give you a first inside into our multimedia-performance CATENA we're going to present live at Counter Pulse on Jan 13 and 14, 2022:

CATENA: sound/image through a hybrid network

The CounterPulse/Thoughtworks residency presents an opportunity for Dilate Ensemble to take on a physical and conceptual expansion of their telematic practice. In the setting of a live hybrid installation “CATENA: sound/image through a hybrid network” will explore: What does it mean to scale up again to incorporate the body and the architecture of a space? How does the nature of connection shift when incorporating hybrid presence (live & remote for performers and audience)? Are there different ways of thinking about what “hybrid” performance can mean or how it can manifest? How will

these changes to each “node” within the technological network impact the nature of the exchange?

After an initial site visit at CounterPulse in September, Dilate Ensemble identified certain spaces at CP with which they are interested in engaging. In November, they will return to CP to experiment with setting up a local network within the entire building to connect 3-4 separate spaces that performers and audience will circulate between. The live audio feeds will network to Scott in Minnesota and be filtered through his sonic ecosystem where variables such as amplitude, frequency or physical characteristics of the room, speaker placement or microphone can impact layered simple behaviors that result in complex outcomes. An improviser’s agility in being responsive in the moment allows for the greatest agency as a performer to ride and shape this evolving time-bending soundscape.

In January, we will return to CP to offer a community workshop and continue to develop this piece with a public presentation January 13 & 14. Live-feed video and a final audio mix from Scott of each of these spaces will converge in the basement installation. This will be a non-looping continuous event where each migrating group will experience the evening from different perspectives. We are interested in invigorating the exploration of what can constitute a hybrid performance and satisfy the kind of connection we seek as live performers. There will be a post-performance discussion to reflect and voice what this prismatic approach yields for both performer and audience.

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