about us

DILATE ENSEMBLE is an audio-visual collective featuring:

Carole Kim (S. California): visual arts/installations

Gloria Damijan (Austria): multi-instrumentalist

Scott L. Miller (Minnesota): electronics

Luisa Muhr (New York/Austria): voice

Jon Raskin (N. California): sax/reeds/percussion+

our history:

Seeking to find ways to still connect with other performers during a pandemic, the members of Dilate Ensemble met while participating in the NowNet Arts Lab Ensemble led by Sarah Weaver. As a satellite to this ensemble we dove into an exploration of how we might be able to engage in audio/visual improvisation online. Installation artist Carole Kim and founder of Dilate Ensemble has compressed her work in video installation to fit beneath her kitchen table. This intimate live "venue" provides an illusionistic physical space that readily accommodates a convergence of online live presence. The four musicians of the ensemble, Gloria Damijan, Scott L. Miller, Luisa Muhr and Jon Raskin, work with Kim’s live visuals in a form of an interactive improvisation-based dialogue, as never quite seen before.

We collaboratively develop our work, which involves a shared

visual element delivered over Zoom. We use Netty-McNetface to mix the audio in

Scott L. Miller's studio, where he individually processed the various audio tracks in

Kyma, which is then monitored by the ensemble in Netty. We use

Netty/Zoom/OBS to produce a live a-v work that is streamed to YouTube/Facebook/Zoom as preferred by the venue.

By embracing the latent nature of telematic performance, the

ensemble has developed an artistic practice that is idiomatic to the venue of networked audio-visual art. 

excerpts of our work:

our guests & collaborators:

Paul Chavez (S. California): guitar, electronics



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 upcoming projects

CATENA: sound/image through a hybrid network

The CounterPulse/Thoughtworks residency presents an opportunity for Dilate Ensemble to take on a physical and conceptual expansion of their telematic practice. In the setting of a live hybrid installation “CATENA: sound/image through a hybrid network” will explore: What does it mean to scale up again to incorporate the body and the architecture of a space?  How does the nature of connection shift when incorporating hybrid presence (live & remote for performers and audience)?  Are there different ways of thinking about what “hybrid” performance can mean or how it can manifest? How will

these changes to each “node” within the technological network impact the nature of the exchange?  

After an initial site visit at CounterPulse in September, Dilate Ensemble identified certain spaces at CP with which they are interested in engaging. In November, they will return to CP to experiment with setting up a local network within the entire building to connect 3-4 separate spaces that performers and audience will circulate between. The live audio feeds will network to Scott in Minnesota and be filtered through his sonic ecosystem where variables such as amplitude, frequency or physical characteristics of the room, speaker placement or microphone can impact layered simple behaviors that result in complex outcomes. An improviser’s agility in being responsive in the moment allows for the greatest agency as a performer to ride and shape this evolving time-bending soundscape. 

In January, we will return to CP to offer a community workshop and continue to develop this piece with a public presentation January 13 & 14.  Live-feed video and a final audio mix from Scott of each of these spaces will converge in the basement installation.   This will be a non-looping continuous event where each migrating group will experience the evening from different perspectives.  We are interested in invigorating the exploration of what can constitute a hybrid performance and satisfy the kind of connection we seek as live performers. There will be a post-performance discussion to reflect and voice what this prismatic approach yields for both performer and audience.



If you're around Vienna, you can experience DILATE ENSEMBLE members live and without screen:

In December 2021 Scott L. Miller and Gloria Damijan will launch their Duo project music for humans, instruments, and things you plug in.

December 10 @ Alte Schmiede Kunstverein Wien, feat. Alexander Kranabetter (Trumpet, Electronics)

(Schönlaterngasse 9, 1010 Wien,


December 11 @ vekks

(Ratschkygasse 14/1 -Entrance on the corner to Erlgasse-, 1120 Wien, )

More informations will follow soon ... stay tuned


 past projects


DILATE ENSEMBLE presents AERIAL @ ACMC’21 (Australian Computer Music Conference 2021)

August 27, 10 am CET/ 1 am PST/ 4 am EST/ 6 pm AEST

Restistration required:

16.8.2021, 1:00 pm EDT


On July 29 and 1st of August 2021 Gloria Damijan and Luisa Muhr performed their Duo project Integral.

Have a look at the video of their performance at vekks


27.7.2021, 2:00 pm PDT


To view this work please visit our Currents Virtual Festival site on the Ohyah platform.

Click on the External Media link

Once you board the train look for the Performance stop

DILATE ENSEMBLE @ Earth Day Art Model 2021

Thursday, April 22,11:15-11:35 am PDT

Supported by Austrian Cultural Forum New York


DILATE ENSEMBLE @SEAMUS (Society for Electro-Acoustic Music) - Conference

Friday, April 23, 1:25 pm PDT

Supported by Austrian Cultural Forum New York



21:30 CET

DILATE ENSEMBLE live at Montalvo Art Center's SCRATCH SPACE

In this series of virtual conversations, we bring together visual artists, scholars, composers, activists, writers, and others to explore what kinds of radical imaginaries can unfold in this moment of pandemic, racial reckoning, economic uncertainty, civil unrest, and environmental crisis. How do we think about what is possible? How can we use our imaginations to build a better present/future? How can we attend to the past in service of the future? And how can we retool and build better more equitable models for living and working together?


DILATE ENSEMBLE feat Paul Chavez presents:


Join us for a live streamed audio visual performance. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, visual artist Carole Kim began developing a new intimate venue for her work under the kitchen table. This space became a site for micro video installations animated by experimental musicians and performers who create improvised soundscapes from afar. The performance will be followed by a discussion about the importance of creating shared imaginative and collaborative spaces, how memories can interweave within a collective dreamspace, and what we will remember about living through 2020.


Hosted by: Donna Conwell, Curator, Lucas Artists Residency Program and Kelly Sicat, Director, Lucas Artists Residency Program.


"Writing Is An Aid to Memory: Preface" by Lyn Hejinian

action/memories by:

Adam Rosenkranz

Regine Verougstraete

Carole Kim

Brenda Bynum

Rebecca Baron

Astra Price

Ursula Brookbank

Anna Widen

Mady Schutzman

Kristin Musgnug

Valerie Daval

Alistair Milne

Jacquie Beaubien

Eli Rosenkim

Maile Colbert


"Parasol" -

"Dilate" -

"On Memory I" -




21:00 CET



PARASOL is a live installation performance exploring the complex behavior of light filtering through a dense canopy of perforated surfaces.  As part of her under-the-kitchen-table installation series Carole Kim (S. California) is joined by Gloria Damijan (Vienna), Jon Raskin (N. California), Luisa Muhr (NY/Vienna) and Scott L. Miller (Minnesota) in their second project as the multimedia group Dilate Ensemble.  Each improvisational performance reveals a different winding path through this intimate space that can appear microscopic one moment and hugely expansive the next. 


Catena sound snippet
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our biographies

Carole Kim is a media artist with a focus on video projection for multimedia installation, performance and photography. She has a very hands-on, tactile approach to the materials she works with, pushing the moving image to take on optical, spatial and dimensional form. Her work has been presented in a wide range of contexts including experimental music, theater, art, dance and site-specific installation. She is grateful for an ever-expanding community of collaborators across disciplines energized by a process of exploration in the moment.


Gloria Damijan studied piano and music pedagogy at Music University Vienna with a focus on contemporary music and free improvisation. She has studied with Manon-Lìu Winter, Burkhard Stangl, Franz Hautzinger and Ian Pace and collaborated with Stefan Fraunberger, Vinzenz Schwab, Klaus Filip, Arnold 'Noid' Haberl, Christine Schörkhuber and Ye Hui.  Working together with composers Tamara Friebel, Margareta Ferek-Petric, Veronika Mayer,Matthias Kranebitter.  Damijan has performed in Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Berlin, Barcelona, Lisboa, Porto, Oslo, Hamburg and is a member of the Viennese Improvisers-Network snim.


Minnesota composer and electronic musician Scott L. Miller is described as a creator of ‘high adventure avant garde music of the best sort’ (Classical-Modern Music Review). Best known for his electroacoustic chamber music and ecosystemic performance pieces, his music is characterized by collaborative approaches to composition, exploring performer/computer improvisation, and re-imagining ancient compositional processes through the lens of 21st century technology. He is a Professor of Music at St. Cloud State University and Director of Recordings for the Society of Electro-Acoustic Music in the U.S. (SEAMUS).


Luisa Muhr is a multi-lingual, multi- and interdisciplinary performer, improvisor, director, installation artist, sound artist, and theater maker, originally from Vienna (Austria), lives and works in New York, and is at home in the experimental/avant-garde. As a performer she specializes in performance, vocal, movement, installation, sound, and theater arts. Amongst many projects and commissions she is currently developing an opera with six-times Grammy winner Arturo O’Farrill, and has been commissioned by the Austrian Cultural Forum NY and Roulette Intermedium to create two new interdisciplinary installation pieces.


Jon Raskin has been a member of Rova Saxophone Quartet for the last 43 years exploring the relationship of improvisation and composition, developing and honing the language of ensemble music and researching linguistic possibilities of the saxophone. He has performed and/ or recorded with Anthony Braxton, Fred Frith, Sam Rivers, Tim Berne, Phillip Johnston, Leo Smith, Frank Gratkowsi, Phillip Greenlief and Henry Kaiser.